Bhiwandi Nizampur city is located on the banks of Kambari River, which during monsoon, floods the adjacent low laying areas. The seismic atlas of India puts the city under zone 3. This zone is classified as Moderate Damage Risk Zone which is liable to MSK VII intensity of earthquake. Bhiwandi in the past has witnessed cases of landslides owing to unregulated construction on unstable slopes. The city also has potential to be affected by cyclones owing its proximity to the coastline. Being an industrial centre urban fires are frequent and because of the narrow lanes and by-lanes the fire brigade faces much difficulty in penetrating the JJ clusters. Toxic wastes and poisonous gas leak are also common to the area with the most infamous one being the “Chlorine Gas Leak” in 2009. Where the Disaster management department along with district Disaster management authority, NDRF and Army evacuated 3500 people. The city has witnessed communal riots in the year 1970 and 1984 and is still considered very sensitive. The cases of epidemic and incidence of food poisoning have affected Bhiwandi in the past. Festivals like Id, Ganpati, Navratra and Ramzan is an integral part of people’s life which also has a potential to become a disaster, if not managed properly. Road safety also is a concern for the area with no demarcated pedestrian zone, a number of spots have become accident prone.
In light of the above Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal corporation has started a dedicated Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) for taking care of any disaster event within the city Limits. The EOC is operational 24 hours throughout the year. During monsoon EOCs are started at ward level as well and are operational for 24 hours to attend any emergency.

Bhiwandi Nizampur city Municipal Corporation is currently implementing GoI- UNDP’s Urban Risk Reduction Programme in association with Government of Maharashtra. Earlier Bhiwandi had successfully implemented Urban Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction Project (UEVRP).

The Focus areas of interventions are follows

City Disaster Management Plan
Ward Disaster Management Plan
School Safety Plans
Hospital Safety
Upgrading City EOC
Training for communities
Housing Society safety plans

Disaster Emergency Number 108 (Toll Free) Chlick here for EMERGENCY CONTACT
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