Concept of Safe Hospital

A Safe Hospital is a health facility whose service remains functional at its maximum capacity and at its same infrastructure immediately after a destructive natural/human made phenomena.


Protect the lives of patients and health workers by ensuring the structural resilience of health facilities. Ensure that health facilities and health services are able to function in the aftermath of emergencies and disasters, when they are most needed. Improve the emergency management capacity of health workers and institutions to serve better during disasters. Creation of a hospital safety plan and SOP taking all emergencies into account.

Proposed Model

IGM as the focal point and one hospital in each ward in first phase and then in second phase these 5 hospitals become focal point of each ward.

  • Location
  • Structural Indicators of Safe Hospitals
  • Nonstructural Indicators of Safe Hospitals
  • Functional Indicators of Safe Hospital
Disaster Emergency Number 108 (Toll Free)
Important Links
  • MHA
    Ministry of Home Affairs
  • NDMA
    National Disaster Management Authority
  • NIDM
    National Institute of Disaster Management
  • SDMA
    State Disaster Management Authority
  • DDMA
    Distrcit Disaster Management Authority
  • IDRN
    India Disaster Resource Network