Under the Urban Risk Reduction Project of GoI-GoM –UNDP , BNCMC is undertaking school safety programme for all municipality and Private schools in Bhiwandi.


  • To reduce the risk of disasters among school students.
  • To implement School Safety plans at 10 pilot schools spread across 5 wards.


The school safety planning programme is done under two heads

  • The first part looks into the Structural safety of the school building (checking the construction quality, building condition, fire fighting and earthquake resistant provision in the design and planning process).
  • The second part looks into the awareness programmes planning strategies and mock drills.

Steps to be followed in school safety planning

  • Sensitization meeting for awareness amongst Teachers / Students/ Parents/ School Management
  • Formation of the School Disaster Management Committee & Groups
  • Hazard identification and Safety Assessment
  • Preparation of the School Disaster Management Plan document
  • Mock Drills

Disaster Emergency Number 108 (Toll Free)
Important Links
  • MHA
    Ministry of Home Affairs
  • NDMA
    National Disaster Management Authority
  • NIDM
    National Institute of Disaster Management
  • SDMA
    State Disaster Management Authority
  • DDMA
    Distrcit Disaster Management Authority
  • IDRN
    India Disaster Resource Network