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Maharashtra State Commission For Right To Services

The Maharashtra Right to Public Service Act, 2015 is a revolutionary Act. This Act provides that the citizens shall be provided services by the State Government in a transparent, efficient and time bound manner. In order to ensure effective implementation of this Act, the Maharashtra State Commission for Right to Services has been established. On 1st March, 2017 former Chief Secretary of Maharashtra State, Shri Swadheen Kshatriya was appointed as the First State Chief Commissioner for Right to Services. After completing his tenure, he retired on 25.01.2022. Then Shri Dilip Shinde who was appointed as Commissioner, Right to Services, Pune held additional charge of the post of the Chief Commissioner, Right to Services, Maharashtra State from 25.01.2022 to 03.05.2023. Now from 04.05.2023, Ex. Chief Secretary of Maharashtra, Shri Manu Kumar Srivastava has taken over charge as the Chief Commissioner, Right to Services, Maharashtra State.

Citizens can get complete information regarding which services are available under this Act by accessing either the mobile app ‘RTS Maharashtra’ or ‘Aaple Sarkar Web Portal’. Citizens can even apply online for availing these services. In case of delay in providing the services or denial of the services without adequate justification, citizens can file first and second Appeal with senior officers within the department and third and final Appeal can be filed before the Commission.

Note- For further more details please log on to website:-

For more information, click here  ->  Maharashtra_Right_to_public_services_Act_2015

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ऑनलाइन माहिती

  • कोरोना विषाणूमुळे उदभवलेल्या परिस्थितीचा सामाना करण्यासाठी महानगरपालिकेच्या मुख्यालयातील आपत्कालीन कक्ष व ५ प्रभागनिहाय आपत्कालीन कक्षाची माहिती
    ई-मेल :-
    1) टोल फ्री क्रमांक 18002331102
    2) मुख्य आपत्कालीन कक्ष दूरध्वनी क्रमांक 02522-250049/232398
    3) प्रभाग समिती क्रमांक 1 :- 02522-220524
    4) प्रभाग समिती क्रमांक 2 :- 02522-233555
    5) प्रभाग समिती क्रमांक 3 :- 02522-250025
    6) प्रभाग समिती क्रमांक 4 :- 02522-223331
    7) प्रभाग समिती क्रमांक 5 :- 02522-250037
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